Mohawk Valley Art & Woodcarving Association

March 2002

edited by

John Raucci & Mike Bloomquist

Next Meeting:
April 2, 2002
Time: 7:00pm
Program: You-Carve-It


Letter from the President

My fellow woodcarvers… Dear Friends… Aw Sheesh!  Hey Gang!  The clock she’s a tickin’ you know.  It’s only one more month ‘till our annual woodcarving extravaganza.  Whether you’ve got a booth in the show, taking the class, or just coming to enjoy the show, don’t miss this.  Al Doty and his crew have been working real hard this year, and it just keeps getting better every year.  Personally, I can’t think of a better weekend than spending two solid days talkin’ woodcarving where you’re never in danger of boring anyone.  Well, yes Ron, it is possible for me to bore other woodcarvers… but I would have to work real hard at it.  You almost always see old friends that haven’t been by since this time last year.  Folks from outside the club, or out of state who make this show a regular event. They always have fresh new carvings to see, and I always manage to pick up a carving tip or too.  One sad note this year… Melissa will still be in college.  I think it’s the first one she’s missed since ’96 when she was thirteen.  On the up side, I’m going to the banquet this year, and Yvonne’s coming too.  I haven’t been able to make the banquet since Tangerman was the guest speaker.  Hmmm, that might have something to do with me fallin’ in with that Stillwater crew and almost getting kicked out.  Just ask Tom Lesson when he drops by at the show.  He’ll tell you.  So maybe it’s time for me to get a second chance.  Promise to behave myself this time.  Another reason I’m excited though, a good friend of mine Ted Tarr is coming back to the show.  He’ll be sharing a booth with Ted Morrison another member of the Erie Canal Woodcarvers.  Then, if Russ Hart shows, together with Harold, Chris Cook and myself, there’s going to be one heckuva Oneida County block this year.

Still not convinced it’s worth going too?  How about visiting an incredible selection of choice carving timber at Walt LeClair’s booth.  Tell you a secret… get there real early because his stuff goes fast. Then there’s Buck Run Woodcarving Supply.  Hand carving tools, power carving tools, and plenty of stuff to keep the edges sharp and the power tools humming.  And then there’s my favorite... lots and lots of books.  You can’t get bored, not when there’s the whittlin’ contest.  Be honest!  You spectators are just there to see who draws first blood.  Well, if you’re squeamish about the blood, but still crave excitement, there’s always the woodcarving auction that wraps the event up Sunday afternoon.  The auction keeps growing with the show, and it gets more entertaining every year.  We can usually count on one of Marcus’s hand made knives being offered up to the highest bidder.  Then there are usually some books or old issues of Chip Chats, and several A-1 carvings from our club members and show participants.  OK, I’m done.  If you don’t have a good reason to come to our show now, then you must be into whole different hobbie/art and more power to ya!

On another front, a certain club program chairman by the name of Dick Moran recently put me on a big guilt trip about not signing up for the Jeff Phares workshop.  Guess the possibility of an Ian Norbury class at the Rochester Woodcraft store this fall didn’t carry any weight with Dick.  Besides the fact he didn’t organize it <grin>, Dick knows I already took a class with Ian.  But Dick!  That was two years ago and you can never carve too many nudes.  Anyway, thanks to some budget wizardry by Yvonne, and Harold letting me pitch a tent in whatever campsite he finds nearby, I’m signed up.  So, I know I raved about the classes Dick’s lined up, and I know I raved about this one, but now I’ve put my money where my mouth is.  There’s still some slots open so let’s go people… we ought to have a blast.  Shouldn’t be any danger of the caricature/ bird carving dilemma that certain members fell into at David Sabol’s class, eh?  Sorry John, had to visit that one just one more time.  Anyway, you should be back from Florida in time to defend yourself.  Well Folks, that’s it from your Prez this month… hope see ya at the meeting.

Keep on Carvin’
-Mike Bloomquist->

Florida Carving Shows
by George Hallenbeck

The weather was very warm in the Everglades. Mary and I really enjoyed it. We then headed for Ft. Myers and the Charlotte County Wood Carvers Show at Punta Gorda. A one day show on Feb. 16th. 104 and free admission. It was very crowded but had excellent work. Many vendors were selling expensive wood. Others had many books that /I had never seen. We had an enjoyable day inspecting wonderfully carved (you know it) fish and ducks and quit a few birds. Some caricature carvings were well done but few in number. I talked to Cheryl Dow for some time. She would be available for a class in our area in 2003. She's friendly, and excellent teacher and brings polygraphy to a new level. She now has four books for sale and they are all clear, instructive and helpful. We then traveled to Recreation Plantation to visit with Ev and Janet Bottsford, as well as the Grays and the. Schmitts. Ev and Chet carved incessantly and ended up with a herd of bison, moose, bears and oxen as well as Ev's little ferret (which was as big as a Bison). Chet Gray has been carving for about a year and has about 15 relief carvings, sold 14. He really is a worker. On March 9 we went to the Leesburg Show, which was also crowded. Exceptional carvings of all kinds, again mainly fish and birds. We met many carvers from Recreational Plantation, the campgrounds where we all stay and carvers from the Blue Parrott campground two miles away, where about 60 carvers meet every Thursday morning. I saw a cheetah chasing an impala and mentioned that the same subject was the best-of-show carving at our show last year. The carver, Chet Frye, asked if the carver was Tim Flavino.  When I said it was, he told me that he had taught Tim in a class last year and that was the carving. Small world.

Carvers are a great bunch of people, friendly, helpful and artistic. We are fortunate to have the same kind of people in our club. I can't wait for some of Ron Myers' nasty, salacious remarks. Hope to see you all before Easter


Tool Sale at Meeting
A variety of tools owned by Joseph Sarnelli of Schoharie County who died recently will be on sale at the meeting April 2. Available arc: gouges, knives, files, rasps, three full sets of Flex tools (two of small gouges and one of large), plus assorted other tools. There are also book and blocks of carving woods Carl Borst will collect the money for Mrs. Sarnelli.

Program Report
By Dick Moran

The program for our meeting April 2 meeting is informal it is an "Everyone Carves Something" night. Bring some carving tools and what ever carving project you are working on. Also, bring a recent carving for "Show & Tell."

Programs for the next two months are as follows:

May 7 - Overhead Presentation: Theories of Perspective. Robert Stadtlander will discuss perspective in relief carving, what types of scenes make good relief carving subjects, how he develops a relief carving from an idea or picture and what works well with his style. He will be our guest carver for the show and will also present a workshop (see below).

June 4 - Sale & Swap Night Carvers wishing to sell (or swap) carving equipment, tools or books are asked to bring them for display. There will be no "Show & Tell" program The items for sale will be displayed during the "Everyone Carves Something" portion of the meeting.

Two Scheduled Workshops
By Dick Moran

Robert Stadtlander "Relief Carving" Workshop (May 6-8, 2002). Just a reminder: those signed up for this workshop should pay the $90 balance they owe by April 1, 2002 or at the meeting April 2.

Jeff Phares "Carving an Indian Bust or a Mountain Man bust- Workshop (June 22-24, 2002). Presently, six members have paid the $80 deposit; however, we must have at least 10 carvers in order to hold the workshop. If I am unable to guarantee Jeff Phares that number within the next two weeks, III have to cancel the workshop. So, if you arc interested, please let me know immediately If you have questions about the workshop, contact me as as soon as possible.

Minutes of March Meeting

  • Nine guests were among the 36 people at the March 5 meeting.
  • A] Doty reported that 35 tables have been reserved for the club's show and that 22 people have made dinner reservations.
  • Carl Borst is looking for news outlets that might advertise the show free of charge. Get in touch with him if you have any suggestions.
  • Ribbons have been ordered for show. Posters and raffle tickets are available from Fred Jenzer
  • Congratulations to Harold Kaltenbach, the newly elected president of the Ene Canal Woodcarvers.
  • Marcus Kruger has again been invited to present a program on tool sharpening. He will give a demonstration to the Burnt Hills Continuing Education wood=mg class taught by Ron Dechant at the Richard O'Rourke Middle School later this month
  • Aug. 4 has been selected as the tentative date for our annual picnic. If this is not satisfactory, be at the April meeting when a vote will be taken.
  • It was reported that a card was sent to Dick Quay after his knee surgery.
  • After the meeting, Mike Bloomquist showed how to carve male and female woodspirits. He has some examples on his website.
Betty Myers

Classified Adds

If you would like to sell something, you can advertise it here first and, if you want, bring it to our monthly meeting to display it. Jug let the members know when and where they can see it Let me know when you place your ads and I will get the word out 9 they can we it at an upcoming meeting. Remember that all advertising here is free.


We have already had success with this endeavor!

Basswood ﷓ Cut to Order ﷓ Also some Cherry and Butternut. Prices on request. Will furnish bird blanks
from your plans or mine. Prices on request.

For any information on the above items please contact Walt LeClair @ 518-861-6544

Club Crew Neck Sweatshirt - size Medium - Never worn - wrong size ordered -
If interested please call Fred Jenzer @ 518-384-7313 or e-mail

Reliant Dust Collector - Model # NN720 - Paid $260.00 for it will take $130 - Runs on 110 or 220 volts. Call Tony Monte @ 518-357-4602

  • Sears Craftsmen - 8" Bench Drill Press - $50.00
  • Sears Craftsmen - Tablesaw -10" with stand and dust sack plus an $82 blade all for $400.00
  • Sears Craftsmen - 10" Radial Arm Saw with stand - $400.00
  • 14" Bandsaw (Elephant) with stand and rip fence - $450.00
  • RBI 216V Scroll Saw with stand - $550.00, hardly used
  • Sears Belt Sander 6" x 48" and stand - $75.00
Only serious inquiries, please. Call Ray Alotta 479-3138 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Alaskan Chainsaw Mill - used to convert logs to lumber - 36" w/accessories - very good condition - $100
McCulloh 20" Timber Bear chain saw w/ripping chain and w/extra chains - very good condition $175
Please call Steve Madej 518-842-7219 if you are interested in these items.

"Taylor Made" 17 piece "Fred Cogelow Skew Gouge Set". All fine tuned and beveled. As good as new with original box and papers. Paid $375... sacrifice at $260. Please call Carl Borst 518-355-2933 or e-mail him at


Old draw knife with folding handles, call Marcus
Kruger at 518﷓829﷓7008 or e﷓mail Scoop@

Old, used chain saw chains, any condition. Call Bud Murtlow at 518-885-9579.

Used or New Copy of the Book "Walking & Working Sticks" by Theo Fossel in any condition. Call Carol Ayers at 518﷓587﷓6841 or e﷓mail

To place want ads for any wood carving related items please contact Carol Ayers by e-mail at " "

or by "snail mail" at

3 Poe Court

Ballston Spa, NY 12020

or by phone at


Donted forget, you can also place an add for something Wanted.

Club Apparel
By Carol Ayers


All of the items are embroidered with our club logo and the prices including sales tax is as follows:
  • Polo shirt, light ash gray (short sleeve with collar and tab front) is $11.00
  • Long sleeve T-shirt, light ash gray is $12.50
  • Crew neck sweatshirt, light ash gray is $16.50
  • Hooded, full zipper front sweatshirt with side pockets, light ash gray is $22.00
  • Apron, natural with no pocket is $8.50
  • Hat, tan is $7.70
  • Club embroidered patch is $3.50
    (sales tax is included in all the pricing)

Ordering these items is as follows:
Ordering these items is as follows.

  • Patches, hats and decals are on hand and can be bought from me at any time.
  • Shuts, sweatshirts and aprons need a total of six orders, any combination, for me to place an order with the company.
I have ordered a dozen hats and they are in. From now on, I will try always to have club hats on hand, just like the patches and static cling decals for the car window. A hat, club shirt, logo apron or sweatshirt is always a good thing to have when doing fain or shows. I am starting a new list for shirts, since I have just placed an order for six items. As soon as I have another six items to embroider, I can order again.

If you are interested you can place an order by e-mailing me, Carol Ayers at:

or writing me at
3 Poe Court
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
or phoning me at


Club members and other clubs have asked who does our shirts, hats, and now decals. The company is Cameo Productions, Amsterdam, NY. They have quality merchandise, give you personal attention, and are capable of producing almost any quantity. They have also are willing to meet deadlines and fill our small orders. If you would like a catalog please call Joe at 1﷓800﷓8094839 or 518﷓8424839. If he is not there, Lisa will help you.


Final Words

Always remember: Never use a long word when a diminutive one will do.

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