Mohawk Valley Art & Woodcarving Association
April 2001
by Michael Bloomquist 

Had a wonderful Saturday (April 7th) at Rochester recently.  Caught the grand opening of the first Woodcraft store in New York and attended the Genesee Valley Woodcarvers show.  The Genesee group held their show at the Rochester Science Museum which is easily reached off of Rt. 490.  They do it a little differently than we do with only a few demo booth, mostly in a separate room, and two vendor booths.  All the rest is the judging tables which were opened up to the public after judging was complete.  The variety was good in the novice and intermediate levels.  In the open level it seemed to be limited to birds and wildfowl.  They even had a float tank for the working decoy category.  I didn’t find out if that was by design, or they just did not have open entries in the other categories.     Competition was pretty intense by the looks of it.  Wish Bud Murtlow had been with me ‘cause Best-of-Show was a peregrine falcon and I’m not qualified to tell you in detail how accomplished it might have been.  It was perched on a fragment of building architecture, so it must have been a ‘city bird’.  This species ability to substitute city scape for cliff face was a big factor in their population recovery.  From this view point, it had plenty of hours into it. 
The waterfowl category had a great winner in the form of a mallard hen with three chicks, one under her wing.
 After this point the judges and I really went our separate ways.  First place in the miniature category was a very nice morning dove at a bird bath... the one that caught my eye was two wrens on a branch mounted in a horizontal theme.
 Another one that got my attention was a red wing black bird perched on a cat tail (life size), but I’m partial to this bird anyway. 
Best of class was a very beautiful goldfinch.  I believe it was in the open level because I have a picture of a cheeta in a full tilt run, balanced on one forepaw, and it’s sporting a Best-of-Class intermediate.
 Best-of-Class novice was a white tail buck with it’s head down, ready to charge. 
There were novice and intermediate winners in relief, caricature, fish and wood spirits as well.  There also seemed to be a large, very impressive turn out in the youth division.  One of my favorites of the show was a intermediate caricature ensemble by Neil Czerniak Jr..  He had several figures carving and painting on a huge relief carving of the club’s logo which was being cut off the end of a tree my two figures with a two man saw. 

Over all, this was a show really worth going to, especially if you’re a bird carver or collector of bird art.


March and April Meetings

Here’s a few highlights from the last two meetings:

March 13 (Postponed from the 6th, Why? Snow!.. what else.)  These are notes from Allen Doty who was pinch hitting for Carl as Prez and Patty as secretary.  Nice job Al!

The monthly meeting for the first Tuesday in March was rescheduled because of the blizzard of 2001.  If you believe that, you probably bought into Y2K too.  Anyway the meeting scheduled for the 5th of March, 2001 was rescheduled for the 13th.   Once again, the weather failed to cooperate.  Ice in the morning and wet roads with the potential for freezing caused the meeting to be sparsely attended. 

** With president Carl Borst being in the sunny south, the meeting in the stormy north was called to order by vice pres Al Doty at 7:00. 

** Minutes of the last meeting – Tammy was not in attendance, so there were no minutes.  If you already haven’t, you’ll have to read Mike’s web site. 

** Treasurers report - Don Painter reported that after expenses of  $74 and receipts of $572 for show tables and $50 for the Pete Ortel workshop, the balance on hand is  $6081.96. 

**Show – George is back in town and everything is on schedule.  Ribbons have been ordered.  Door prizes, auction items and tree ornaments are need so please keep carving. 

**Nativity – Andy said the Nativity is almost complete.  The crèche is complete.  There are a few pieces that are not quite finished, but all is going well and it will be ready.  Raffle receipts for the Nativity are just starting to trickle in.  Only $115 has been received with 325 tickets outstanding.  Sell, Sell, Sell!!!!!

** PublicitySister Mary Ellen was not able to attend the meeting.  She sent word that both channel 6 and 10 were not willing to give us a spot in their programming.  She would like to have someone take over her duties as publicity chairman because of health problems. 

** Posters and Raffle tickets - Fred is away and Ron Meyers forgot to bring them.  If you need raffle tickets or posters, please see Ron on Thursday. 

** Hearts and flowers – Andy reported that we are all alive and well and that there was nothing to report. 

** HistorianRon Redman had nothing new to report.

No reports were heard from the following chairmen. 

Altamont Fair
Shirts, hats & patches 
News Letter

** Program -  Dick reported that this would be a carving night because Joann Brady was unable to attend.  Perhaps we will be able to reschedule her presentation of backgrounds for carvings in the future.  Dick also reported the following schedule of programs. 

  • April   -   Carving night
  • May    -   Pete Ortel will give a presentation of his choice. 
  • June    -   Carving night
  • July     -   Carl Borst will teach us all about carving hands. 

Dick wants to remind you to bring in a carving each meeting for our show and tell table. 

Correspondence – 

  • National Park Service will feature the unique artistry of a woman woodcarver at the Visitors Center, 136 Falls St. in Seneca Falls.  The exhibit will feature an exhibit of pieces by Mary Michael Shelley of Ithaca as part of Women’s History Month. 
  •  Newsletter from the Mid Hudson Wood Carvers
  • Letter from Fox Chapel Pub. Co. announcing a new magazine called Scroll Saw Workshop.   Ask Dick Moran to see a complimentary copy.  They also have an open house on March 23-24 in Lancaster Pa. 
  • Notice of the 4th annual Wood Carvers Open House March 30-31 in Lancaster Pa.  Mini Seminars held each day some featuring Harold Enlow.  See Mikes Santa on display at he Woodcraft display.  Call Al Doty for more information. 

Old Business
 Dick Moran said that there may only be enough for one workshop by Pete Ortel
He has had a couple of cancellations and it will depend on the response from Chip Chats. 
  New Business
 Bill McCormack (yes you remember him) said the Northeastern Woodcarvers Assn. 10th annual “Woodworkers Showcase 2001” will be March 24th & 25th at the Saratoga City Center in Saratoga Springs.  Some of our carvers will be in attendance to demonstrate wood carving and promote the club

Show & Tell
 Dick Moran brought in a flute that he recently completed.  Andy Ebeli  had a European mountain man with his jacket, knee pants, heavy shoes and a pointed hat.  Al Doty displayed an Adirondack mountain hiker in blue jeans with a pack basket.  BUT, the show stopper was Joe Rusik’s attacking Kestrel.  Great job Joe.  It was appreciated by all who were able to see it.  Mike, you will have to a get a picture of this some time and put it on the web for all to see ( I got a picture this month... it was awesome - Mike ). 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30

Coffee, carving and friendship followed. 

April 3   These are notes from Martha Colinas who was pinch hitting for Patty as secretary.  It was real nice to see you at the meeting again Martha. Welcome back!

The April Mohawk Valley Woodcarvers meeting was called to order at the Inman Center by President, Carl Borst.  Twenty nine members and a guest, Betty Dykstra, who came to join the Club were present.  The minutes of the March meeting, written by Al Doty, were accepted as read.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Show Committee:  George Hallenbeck reported that 52 tables and 36 dinners have  been reserved.  He urged members to attend the dinner, promising a shorter, 
interesting speaker this year.  Volunteers are needed for setting up Friday night, door 
attendants and raffle ticket sales.  Fred Jenzer and Ed Bojarczuk have distributed posters.   Sister Mary Ellen made contacts for publicity.  Whittling contest participants who have  not reserved a spot may still enter the day of the contest.   The Mothers Group at CBA will provide coffee and donuts and lunch during the Show.  Tables will not have to be taken down Sunday after the Show.  Ron Waldron will be the Auctioneer again this year.  Auction items are needed as well as door prizes. Carl Borst and Pete Ortel will judge the competition (Hey! Carl, I thought you only judged chainsaw carvings. - Mike) .

Programs:   Dick Moran who was not present, sent a request for payment for the carving seminars scheduled during the week after the Show.  If anyone is interested wishes to sign up, may still do so by contacting Dick. 

Newsletter:  Due to some missing persons (and tardiness on my part - Mike), the March Newsletter was not published but may be read on Mike Bloomquist’s Website.  The contents will be combined with the April issue which will include a pattern as well. A Woodcraft store that recently opened in Rochester donated a $100.00 prize to the Genesee Valley Woodcarving Show to be awarded to a novice carver. Next year, a donation will be made to our Show. 

Nativity:  Andy Ebli reported that the nativity will be complete when he has finished staining the figures.  He also said that a store in Saratoga will sell carvings-see Andy to get the owners name. 

Richard VanDenHeuvel displayed a “Dutch Pine” Christmas tree to hang small ornaments that may be sold individually or as a set.  More small ornaments are needed. 

A request for a publicity chairperson to replace Sr. Mary Ellen was tabled until the next meeting. 

Andy Ebli reported no known illnesses last month.  He depends on members to let him know of need for cards. 

Fred Jenzer reported the phone list has been updated and will be published the Newsletter. Fred also asked that raffle ticket proceeds be given to him before the Show.

Carl Borst related a visit to Mal Doolittle, a former Club Member now living in Virginia, where he demonstrated face carving to 16 new carvers organized by Mal.  Carl has yellow suspenders worn by their club members to show for his efforts. 

Harold Kaltenbach showed a Santa carved in a David Sabol seminar held by the Erie Canal Woodcarvers. David Sabol has moved from Connecticut to Lancaster, Pa. where his studio will be located. 

Joe Rusik reported the Northeast Woodworkers Show was well attended. Considerable interest was shown in the carving demonstrations and displays. In competition with fine woodworking, a carved loon took Best of Show.

Hal McIntosh will have space at our Show to demonstrate chain saw carving. 
Bud Murtlow will bring his bird(s) to the Show.

The last item of business was the selection of August 5 for the annual picnic to be held at Kiwanis Park in Rotterdam Junction.

Meeting adjourned. 

Martha Colinas

Some Serious Stuff

Before we break this up, I’m making a serious request here for large batch of Prayers for Sister Mary Ellen.  She’s not feeling well these days and we miss her.  Keep her in your Good Thoughts (and I don’t care if you're atheist... Pray anyway, or you’ll deal with me!).  It’s gotta help.

A Pattern from Laura Sue Irish

Her website is at the bottom of the picture... check it out.

Well, I apologize for not being chatty this month, but I got a carving to work on for The Show.  Keep them edges keen, the chips piled high, and let’s not stain those masterpieces with blood, eh?
Full of it, as usual,
Mike Bloomquist
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