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Mohawk Valley Art & Woodcarving Association

August 2002

edited by
John Raucci & Mike Bloomquist

Next Meeting:
Sep 3, 2002
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Inman Senior Citizen Center, Amsterdam, NY
Program: Pocket Knife Bird Carving - Allen Aardsma Resident Woodcarver for the Adirondack Museum


Letter from the President

Well Gang, due to unfortunate commitments elsewhere I didn’t make it to the picnic this month.  Hopefully we’ll get some first hand accounts from those who did at other points in this newsletter.  Come to think of it, I heard not a peep about the horseshoe tournament, so I’m wondering if there was an upset or something.
The meeting last month was well attended for a July meeting, and the presentation was great.  Walt Ruess, an independent carver who was formerly with Carousel Magic, gave us a wonderful, detailed description of designing, blocking up, and carving a carousel animal.  The example he brought with him was a  4 foot long rendition of the official bird of the Adirondacks... the black fly.  The only disappointment, and this is probably nit picking, but at 4’ long a couple of us figured it was only 3/4 life size.  Well, I guess it wouldn’t be fair to overwhelm the other animals being carved.  This is piece is destined for the Adirondack carousel project.  This is the same project our club is carving one for and then Carl Borst is doing a separate one.  Forgive me if I get this wrong, but I think the club is doing a raccoon and Carl is doing a beaver.  Regardless whether it’s the other way around, or I got the animals ALL wrong, they should be fun projects.  Ya know, after those butternut rams it should be a nice break for Carl, working on something a little less challenging (and massive).

Looks like there were enough members signed up for Altamont Fair booth this year.  Thanks go to Walt LeClair for organizing that.  We should get some stories on how that turned out at the next meeting.  Hey, the next meeting is going to be election of officers night.  So, if  you want to correct certain, ummmm... “errors in judgments” from the previous year, and felt impeachment, lynching, or stoning were a little too severe, now’s your chance.  Just see Ron Meyers, because he’s taking care of the nominations this year.  Also, this month dues are due.  Dues are up this year, but it’s only ten dollars.  Heck, I spend $10 dollars in gas just to get there, and it only works out to..... wait a minute, uuuumph!  Gotta get my shoes off for long division... OK,  83 cents a meeting, and 87 cents for December (there’s food).
Well that’s all for this month, so keep those edges keen, the chips piled high, and see ya at the next meeting.

Your Prez,
-Mike Bloomquist->


Reminder that we can use a few volunteers for the GE quarter century outing, on Sept 7th, at the Altamont Fair grounds.   I started a list a few  (too many) weeks ago, yeah you guessed it - I misplaced it. So if think that you are already signed up - your not.
       I will be starting a new list, you will be able to sign or resign on Thursdays or at the next regular meeting. Those who are not familiar this is a one-day affair in which we demonstrate, talk about our hobby and display our work to the GE old-timers. It is probably better remembered by some of us that have attended in the past - as a "pig - out" as they give us an all you can eat - all day buffet.   
       Oh by the way no need for the following people to sign, as I know that you are an automatic volunteer for this event.
           1. Peter Paulding 
 Any further questions please call me-      Carl Borst at 355-2933
Or   Email to;

The Second Annual NWA Woodworking Symposium will include lectures and demonstrations of all manner of woodworking and related topics and the two days will include an Instant Gallery, Coffee and donuts all day , and a catered lunch.
It will take place at Sears in Colonie Center on October 5 and 6. This is a Saturday and Sunday. Setup for the Instant Gallery will be Friday October 4 all day until 7:00
Topics will include
-    Five different Demonstrations of Woodcarving
-    Five different Demonstrations of Scrollsawing
-    Five different Demonstrations of Woodturning
Most topics will be scheduled in more than one time slot during the weekend.
Registration is limited to 275. Register by calling Ken Evans at 518-753-7759 or email
Cost of the event is $20 for the weekend if you place one or two items in the Instant Gallery or $25 with no Item for the Gallery.

Dues for 2002-2003

Don’t Forget… to pay your dues at the next meeting!  Can you believe it’s September already!  $10  this year covers your entire household.  If  you can’t make the meeting, please make checks payable to:


and send to:

Don Painter
1397 Currybush Rd.

Schenectady, NY 12306

Editors seeking true, first hand accounts describing the healing art of craft for anthology
Describe how involvement in crafts (such as woodworking, quilting, basketry, jewelry making, painting) has sustained you through a difficult period or circumstance (relationship, illness, family tragedy) in your life.

Please submit essays, journal entries, or poetry, together with a stamped self addressed envelope to: 

Harley Refsal
Associate Professor of Scandinavian Folk Art
at Luther College

700 College Drive
Decorah, Iowa     52101

Program Report
By Dick Moran
The program for our next meeting on Sept. 3 is Pocketknife Bird Carving. It will be presented by Allen Aardsma, Resident Carver at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake.
Also, members are encouraged to bring a recently completed carving to share with everyone during the "Show and Tell" portion of the program.

The programs scheduled for the next few months are as follows:

Oct. 1 - "Everyone Carves Something"
night. Everyone is asked to bring some woodcarving tools and whatever carving project he/she is currently working on. Also, members are asked to bring a recently completed carving to share with everyone during the "Show and Tell" portion of this informal program.

Nov. 6 – Carving the Human Figure - Carl Borst

Dec. 4 - Christmas party (potluck dinner). Bring your favorite Christmas carving for display. Slide Show of Club Activities - George Hallenbeck

  Highlights of August Meeting…

  • Deposits due by September 3 for Cheryl Dow workshop
  • Contact Delores Kramkowski for info about Desiree Hajny workshop, Fall ‘03.
  • Election of officers at September meeting.
  • Annual dues of $10.00 per household to be paid at September meeting.
  • Following the meeting, an excellent program was presented by Walt Ruess, who demonstrated the construction and carving of  an Adirondack black fly for the Saranac Carousel using a small drawing as his model.  The gargantuan fly carving is done by someone who had never seen a black fly.  Wait till this one bites!

Here is a correction last month’s newsletter.

In the July Newsletter , in the article “Soap Carving at the Amsterdam Hospital” we neglected to mention Mike Fields as one of our team members who helped out with the class.  Sorry Mike

By Dick Moran

Cheryl Dow Workshop
May 5, 6 & 7, 2003 - 8:30 AM-4:30 PM
Amsterdam, NY

Don’t forget that September 3, 2002 is the deadline for signing up for the Cheryl Dow Workshop on Woodburning at a reduced cost. After that date the deposit required as well as the cost of the workshop increases. The cost for the workshop at the reduced early sign-up will be $150 for members and $175 for nonmembers. A nonrefundable $50 deposit is due at the time of signing up through Sept. 3, 2002.

For members signing up after the September 3, 2002 due-date for deposits, a $75 deposit will be required and the cost of the workshop will be $175.
The balance of payments will be due by April 3, 2003 with a $1 per day late fee. Checks should be made out to the Mohawk Valley Art & Woodcarving Association or MVAWA.

The fee includes 4 Italian Poplar boards and all patterns used in the class. Class size will not exceed 12 students. As far as projects go, it depends on the level of the students... Cheryl teaches all levels; she usually does two or three projects per person. The first day, most work on a barn (with a tree and pump) scene to familiarize people with the skew and shader and how best to use them. Barns are very forgiving and everyone comes out with a good picture while learning. The second and third day, students usually do a fur type animal and a bird. She teaches shading, undercutting, and many other techniques using these pictures. She is mainly a carver's wood burner. She also asks that carver's bring in any objects (flat-relief or in-the-round) if they would like Cheryl to spend a bit of time on a help session with them.

You can check out Cheryl Dow's website at or her regularly published articles on wood burning in ChipChats for more information on her work and the types of projects done by her students in similar workshops.

*Deposits and payments will only be refunded in the event that the workshop has to be canceled because of inadequate numbers, cancellation by the presenter, etc. However the original person to make payments to the MVAWA can turn over his/her deposits or payments-in-full to another interested party.

Inman Center

If you’re a regular at the Inman Center on Thursdays, please remember to join or renew your membership there.  It’s a great bargain at $15 per year when you consider they set up the tables and clean up after us as well as provide a low cost lunch to our members.  We are very fortunate to have a place to hold all our Thursday groups, monthly meetings and several other club functions there. We should make every effort to help them out by all becoming members of their organization.

  What A Party!

    If you missed this year’s club picnic on Aug. 4th you should be kicking yourself right now!  I think it gets better every year.  This year we was our best attended and we were blessed with some real old-fashioned summertime weather.  It was a hot one, but the Kiwanis Park along the river is the place to be, with plenty of tree cover and a great pavilion that we enjoy every year.  I would like to thank Ron & Bettie Myers for getting there early to hold our spot as they do each year.  Also Larry Jasenski who I believe got there even before the Myers’s!   Great job folks!  I would also like to thank all who attended and treated us to there great recipes!  The food was plentiful and delicious as usual and the conversation full of laughter.  The Horseshoe games started early and continued through out the day along with plenty of other outdoor activities.  I am not sure whom this years horseshoe champs are… but I bet if you claim it as yours… someone will let you know differently!  
    So if you were unable to make it this year… we urge you to try again next Aug. and you won’t be sorry!

John Raucci

Classified Adds

If you would like to sell something you can advertise it here first and, if you want, you can bring it to our monthly meeting to display it.  Just let the members know when and where they can see what you are selling.  Let me know when you place your ads and I will get the word out if they can see it at an upcoming meeting.  Remember all advertising here is FREE!  
We have already had success with this endeavor!  

********* For Sale *********

Basswood - Cut to Order - Also some Cherry and Butternut….Prices on request
Will furnish Bird Blanks from your plans or mine…..Prices on request depending on species.
For any information on the above items please contact Walt LeClair @ 518-861-6544

Club Crew Neck Sweatshirt - size Medium - Never worn - wrong size ordered -
If interested please call Fred Jenzer @ 518-384-7313 or e-mail

Reliant Dust Collector - Model # NN720 - Paid $260.00 for it will take $130 - Runs on 110 or 220 volts.  Call Tony Monte @ 518-357-4602

Delta Scroll Saw - 18" Variable Speed - Approximately 4 years old with very little use.  Original cost $450, willing to sell for $300. Call Bill Johnson @518-399-5927 or e-mail @

Alaskan Chain Saw Mill - used to convert logs to lumber- 36" w/accessories - very good condition                                                                          $100.00  
McCulloh 20" Timber Bear Chain Saw w/ripping chain and w/extra chains - very good condition $175.00  
Please call Steve Madej @ 518-842-7219 if you are interested in these items.

Craftsman Wood Lathe - with live center, face plate and set of turning tools. $150
Craftsman Tabletop Shaper - with numerous cutters. $85 Call Ev Botsford at 518-438-4788

Anvil  - For sale - Please contact Gordon Litke @ 584-1128

********* Wanted *********

Old draw knife with folding handles, call Marcus Kruger  @ 518-829-7008 or e-mail @

Old, Used Chain Saw Chains -  In any condition.  Call Bud Murtlow @ 518-885-9579

To place want ads for any wood carving related items please contact Carol Ayers @ 518-587-6841,
3 Poe Court, Ballston Spa, NY  12020 or e-mail  ……it's free!  Don't forget that you can also place an Ad for something WANTED.

Club Apparel
By Carol Ayers


All of the items are embroidered with our club logo and the prices including sales tax is as follows:
  • Polo shirt, light ash gray (short sleeve with collar and tab front) is $11.00
  • Long sleeve T-shirt, light ash gray is $12.50
  • Crew neck sweatshirt, light ash gray is $16.50
  • Hooded, full zipper front sweatshirt with side pockets, light ash gray is $22.00
  • Apron, natural with no pocket is $8.50
  • Hat, tan is $7.70
  • Club embroidered patch is $3.50
  • Club static cling decals are $2.00
    (sales tax is included in all the pricing)

Ordering these items is as follows:
Ordering these items is as follows.

  • Patches, hats and decals are on hand and can be bought from me at any time.
  • Shuts, sweatshirts and aprons need a total of six orders, any combination, for me to place an order with the company.
I have ordered a dozen hats and they are in. From now on, I will try always to have club hats on hand, just like the patches and static cling decals for the car window. A hat, club shirt, logo apron or sweatshirt is always a good thing to have when doing fain or shows. I am starting a new list for shirts, since I have just placed an order for six items. As soon as I have another six items to embroider, I can order again.

If you are interested you can place an order by e-mailing me, Carol Ayers at:

or writing me at
3 Poe Court
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
or phoning me at

Club members and other clubs have asked who does our shirts, hats, and now decals. The company is Cameo Productions, Amsterdam, NY . They have quality merchandise, give you personal attention, and are capable of producing almost any quantity. They have also are willing to meet deadlines and fill our small orders. If you would like a catalog please call Joe at 1﷓800﷓8094839 or 518﷓8424839. If he is not there, Lisa will help you.


Letters to the Editor

Send correspondence to...
Mike Bloomquist
117 Riverview Parkway
Rome, N.Y. 13440

Or Email to;

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