Mohawk Valley Art & Woodcarving Association
October 2001
edited by
John Raucci & Mike Bloomquist

Next Meeting: November 6th, 2001

Time: 7:00pm

Program: Carving Kachinas with Monty Foster

Letter from the President

OK, that wasn't so painful after all.  We're talking about my first club meeting as president.  A lot of credit goes to all those committee members and other folk who kept it moving along so well.  The business part of the meeting was kept to 45min despite a couple of, umm… distractions from the Oneida County Gang.  Good thing for them I wasn't driving that night.  I think there may have been ulterior motives in Carl's advice that I keep the meeting to 45min.  It definitely allowed more time for his program on carving hands.  That's fine by me… especially when he's got such a great track record with his carving programs.  This one was no different, and well worth the loooooong wait, and endless string of postponements.  Even conducting the program while he was wounded didn't detract from the evening.  No, the wound was not self inflicted.  Let's squash that vicious rumor right now.

Hey Gang, we have a couple of club committees in need of chairpersons.  Well, maybe only one committee in need of one chairperson.  Due to health reasons, Sister Mary Ellen is giving up her spot at Public Relations for our carving show.  Carl Borst showed some interest in the job.  We're hopeful Carl might take on a real job now that he's given up that cushy position as club president.  We should get confirmation on that at the next meeting.  We hope Sr. Mary Ellen begins feeling well enough to visit us from time to time.  We miss her.  On another subject, after several fine years as club historian, Ron Redman would like to turn the job over to someone willing to take it on.  Any interested members should be at the next meeting to raise their hand and volunteer.

Not sure if this belongs with matters presidential, but hey... rank-has-its-privilege.  We got lots of members doing good woodcarving stuff out there.  Walt LeClair and Joe Rusik participated in a craft show in Newcomb, which was part of Teddy Roosevelt Days.  These guys probably promoted woodcarving as much as they sold carvings (maybe more).  The note from Walt says their wives were along to check on them.  No surprise in that!  On Oct 8th and 22nd Walt taught classes on carving Love Spoons at Sr. Mary Ellen’s place.  Still in the future, Walt will be at a craft show at Altamont Grade School on Nov 4th. and on Nov 17th he’s at the Christian Brothers Academy for their big craft show.  Hey Walt!... I’ll be at CBA too... and Yvonne’s going be there to check on me (and sell some of her decorative paintings on wood).   I’ll bet there are two booths with piles of woodchips left behind after that ones over.  If anyone makes it to any of these events , make sure to drop by and say ‘Hi’(no purchase necessary).

Well, that’s it from the Prez this month.  See you all at the meeting in November.

Keep on Carvin’
-Mike Bloomquist->


Here are a couple of events coming up in August...

There will be at a craft show at Altamont Grade School on Nov 4th.  For more details please contact Walt LeClair @ 861-6544

Christian Bros. Academy will host their fourth annual
Arts and Craft Festival on Sat. Nov. 17, 2001 (9:00am-5:00pm ) at their Albany campus. Space is available at a rate of $40.00. Some spaces with electrical outlets are available (on a first come-first serve basis, determined by request and submittal of a signed and paid contract). Two 8 ft. tables and two chairs are available with each space.
Set up time is available Friday evening Nov. 16, 2001 (6:00pm--8:30 pm). the school will open at 6:30am on Saturday morning for those who prefer to set up the day of the Festival. CBA Cadets will be available both Friday evening and Saturday morning to help unload upon arrival and reload upon departure (5:00pm - 6:00pm Saturday
For more information contact the following.
Brother Patrick McNally (518)452-9809 - Ext. 119
Cynthis Gagnon (518)374-8330
Chris Halpin (518)371-2663

At our last meeting
October 2, 2001
President Mike Bloomquist called his first meeting to order.
  • Treasurer Don Painter reported a balance of $5936.72
  • Show Chairman Al Doty reported that this years Show Dinner will be held at the Comfort Inn near the Albany Airport.  There will be a suggested donation of $1.00 at this years show which will be stated on posters and flyers.  The donation entitles show goers to a Nativity Raffle ticket.
  • Carl Borst volunteered to be this years Show Publicity Chairperson and members were urged to provide him with information on local newspapers who might be used to promote our show.
  • Walt LeClair made a motion that we split our usual donation of $500 , from  raffle proceeds, between two charities this year and it was seconded by Martha Colinas and the membership agreed by their vote.  This year the club will donate $250 to both “WGY Christmas Wish” and to the “Make a Wish Foundation”
  • A contribution to the “Red Cross”, in response to the Sept. 11th tragedy, in the amount of $500 was also put to a vote and was agreed upon by the membership.
  • The meeting was followed by a “Show & Tell” lead by Dick Moran then Carl Borst gave an informative program on “How to Carve Hands”

Respectfully Submitted,
Bettie Myers


Classified Adds
If you would like to sell something and want to bring it to our monthly meeting to display it, you can advertise it here first so that members know when and where they can see what you are selling.  Let me know when you place your ads and I will get the word out if they can see it at an upcoming meeting.  Remember all advertising here is FREE!

We have already had success with this endeavor!

  • Black & Decker 3" x 21" Belt Sander - Like New - comes with extra belts…..$55.00
  • Fordem Unit - Great Condition - Has foot operated switch, etc…..$160.00
  • Basswood - Cut to Order - Also some Cherry and Butternut….Prices on request
  • Will furnish Bird Blanks from your plans or mine…..Prices on request depending on species.
For any information on the above items please contact Walt LeClair @ 518-861-6544

Club Crew Neck Sweatshirt - size Medium - Never worn - wrong size ordered -
If interested please call Fred Jenzer @ 518-384-7313 or e-mail

Reliant Dust Collector - Model # NN720 - Paid $260.00 for it will take $130 - Runs on 110 or 220 volts.  Call Tony Monte @ 518-357-4602

  • Sears Craftsmen - 8" Bench Drill Press - $50.00
  • Sears Craftsmen - Tablesaw -10" with stand and dust sack plus an $82 blade all for $400.00
  • Sears Craftsmen - 10" Radial Arm Saw with stand - $400.00
  • 14" Bandsaw (Elephant) with stand and rip fence - $450.00
  • RBI 216V Scroll Saw with stand - $550.00, hardly used
  • Sears Belt Sander 6" x 48" and stand - $75.00
Only serious inquiries, please. Call Ray Alotta  479-3138 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

To place want ads for any wood carving related items please contact Carol Ayers by e-mail at " "
or by "snail mail" at
3 Poe Court
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
or by phone at

Program Report
By Dick Moran

The program for our next meeting on November 6th will be "Carving Kachinas "presented by Monte Foster.  It should be a very interesting program; Monty has his own unique way of planning and carving his kachinas.

Also, don't forget to bring along any  recently completed carvings for our monthly "Show and Tell" portion of the program.
Finally, please be aware that the Robert Statlander "Relief Carving" workshop scheduled for May 6, 7 & 8, 2001, is filled; in a record time of one week, all 12 (maximum class size) participants paid their nonrefundable $25 deposits.  If anyone of those 12 wishes to change his/her mind, please see Jim Harvey who would be more than willing to refund your nonrefundable $25 deposit in order to take your place.

Hard to believe another year has passed already! It’s that time again! Your Club Dues are Due! Still a great bargain at $6 for single $10 for a family membership. Please Make checks payable to MVA&WC Association Send Dues to treasurer;
Don Painter
1397 Currybush Rd.
Schenectady, N.Y. 12306
Or pay him at the next meeting....

Mike in Motion

"The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get."
                            -- Unknown

Sorry Folks, this is going to be a quick word or two this month.  We’re sort of
keeping the spot warm so John doesn’t drop it all together <grin>.  Anyway, no prolixity this time, but just wait until next month Friends.  They’re going to have to create a new word just to cover the level of prolixity I reach (whoever ‘they’ are).  A quick tip to those who carve love spoons... be careful about making them as wedding gifts, they tend to generate many commissions afterward, which is part of the reason I’m jammed up this Fall.  I hate passing up commissions for wood carvings.  This is especially annoying when it involves unique and interesting projects like control stick grips for an airplane restoration project, or a carousel horse.  But hey! There are only so many hours in a day (that’s still 24 right?), and you need to save some time for your own brain children, and then there’s that pesky day job.

Speaking of the new and unique, I had a nasty case of ‘writers block’ last month for the first time that I can recall.  Yes Ron, you do have to be a writer to get a real case of writer’s block.  Thanks for pointing that out.  It would seem that woodcarvers getting woodcarver’s block would be more common, but I haven’t heard of many cases among our ranks.  Then again, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing... woodcarvers getting woodcarver’s block.  Oh well, knock-on-wood I guess.

Another reason this is abnormally brief is my immanent road trip to Pigeon Forge, TN.  Yes, I’m going to Dollywood.  Before vicious rumors get started, I admire Dolly Parton as a performer, but I’m definitely a classic rocker, appreciator of classical, and New Age fan... no Country.  Sorry, but there it is.  Actually, my wife is dragging me there,  but wait!   I was baited.  There is a Tennessee Woodcarver’s Guild  show complete with CCA membership meeting mixed in, and  all three of the CCA combined projects in residence.  Then there’s a reception afterwards.  Give you all the gory details right here, in next months newsletter.  Like I said, ‘prolixic’ just won’t cut it anymore...  bet my VP, George Hallenbeck comes up with a new word though.

Full of It, as Usual,
-Mike Bloomquist->

Club Apparel
By Carol Ayers

Since we have so many new members in our club I would like to explain what is available to our club members and how the ordering works. All of the items are embroidered with our club logo and the pricing is as follows:

  • Polo shirt, light ash gray (short sleeve with collar and tab front) is $11.00
  • Long sleeve T-shirt, light ash gray is $12.50
  • Crew neck sweatshirt, light ash gray is $16.50
  • Hooded, full zipper front sweatshirt with side pockets, light ash gray is $22.00
  • Apron, natural with no pocket is $8.50
  • Hat, tan is $7.70
  • Club embroidered patch is $3.50
    (sales tax is included in all the pricing)

Ordering these items is as follows:
Patches are on hand and can be bought from me at any time. Shirts, sweatshirts and aprons need a total of 6 orders, any combination. Hats need a total of 12 orders. When I receive enough orders, I will then request the money for your order and then place the order
with the company.  Orders usually take from 1 to 2 weeks to complete depending of the availability of the items.

Right now, I have orders for 3 hats and I need 9 more before I can put in an order. If you have been thinking about ordering but have been putting it off, now is the time to do it.  I just put in an order for T-shirts, aprons and sweatshirts an it only took one week for them to come in. I am starting a new list and only need a quantity of 6, I already have 1, and only need 5 more.  It is great to have a hat, club shirt or logo apron or sweatshirt when doing the fairs, or demos, or shows!!!
You can place an order by e-mailing me, Carol Ayers at:

or writing me at
3 Poe Court
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
or phoning me at

Letters to the Editor

Send correspondence to...
Mike Bloomquist
117 Riverview Parkway
Rome, N.Y. 13440

Or Email to;

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