Mohawk Valley Art & Woodcarving Association

June 2000 
By Mike Bloomquist

Our president extraordinaire, Carl Borst, called the June meeting of the Mohawk Valley Art and Woodcarving Association to order on the 6th of said month at the Inman Center.  The following events from that meeting are provided by Martha Colinas.  I embellish them a little bit, but I try not to distort any facts.

The minutes of the May meeting were accepted as read, and treasurer, Don Painter, reported that, with the exception of one outstanding newspaper bill, all Show bills were paid. He got right to the bottom line of $5915.86... that's our club balance.  That isn't too shabby, considering what a shindig we put on.

Welcome to guest Tamara Hansen, hope we didn't scare you off.  Marcus Kruger received a card from Pieter Paulding who is traveling in the West. Carl Borst received Mid-Hudson and Onandaga Club Newsletters and offered copies to anyone who was interested.

George Hallenbeck, Show Co-chairman, reported that eighty people attended  dinner at the Northway Inn who charged for only 76.  Table sales totaled $1740.00.  Show, expenses were $2484.00, and a profit was realized of $194.00 before payment of the Newspaper ad.  George thanked members for their help and asked for a Show committee to appoint a Show Chairman for next year.  He reported that he and Dick Moran are writing the Show report for Chip Chats.  It will be submitted within a few months.  Looking ahead to our 2001 woodcarving show, a change of show date was discussed.  Not only was the weather counterproductive to attendance (Heck, even I was thinking of the yard work going undone back in Rome, NY), but several other activities worked against us.  In the beginning of May, pike season starts, turkey season starts, baseball season, soccer… well you get the picture.  Besides, there are several additional woodcarvers that might participate, but they're at the show in Hamburg, NY (Buffalo end of the state).  An early April date was suggested depending on the Easter holiday.  It was passed by majority vote (yeah there was that one ‘Nay’).  Immediately after that decision the customary person made the customary suggestion that actually having the show should be voted on. No, it wasn't the “nay sayer”.  Man! You gotta start coming to more meetings and not rely on me for everything. So, the customary vote was held, a motion to that effect was seconded and it carried with one dissenting vote.  No, not the “nay sayer”… that's not his job.  Pay attention here! Co-chairman, Walt LeClair, also thanked members for their help in seeing the Show to a successful conclusion.

Mike Bloomquist reported that due to technical difficulties, a complete table  of Show winners intended for the June issue of the Newsletter will be published next  month.  Hey! It wasn't my fault.  I usually email it to John in an ancient computer format (such as Sanskrit), but this month he upgrades his software by about ten versions, and leaves me in the dust.  When we finally get it straight, it still isn't right, but he doesn't know it.  I guess my writing always looks like it has great gaps in it.  Anyway I think we got our wires straight again (next meeting I bring a carrier pigeon back home with me!), so you should see the winners table in this issue.

Andy Ebli will have no further Nativity reports until a new one is approved.  Actually he said everyone should just relax and enjoy their summer. Andy, I would have seconded that, but it wasn't put to a vote.

Carol Ayers has been asked to submit orders for Club attire six at a time. Hats need to be ordered  by the dozen.  The folks that make them never complained about small orders because they think Carol is so nice. Boy Carol, do you have them snowed!  Carl suggested teaming her with Ron Meyers... that would bring an abrupt end to that particular image issue!  Carol reports that patches sold quite well at the Show.

Fred Jenzer reported that 1017 raffle tickets were sold.  Of the 670 tickets  sold before the Show, Sr. Mary Ellen sold a whopping 150.  553 admission tickets were given out.

More info about “the show”.  George Hallenbeck guesstimated (I can't believe the spell checker liked that word) that posters and Chip Chats were the most important advertising medias.  After them it was the roadside sign, followed by newspaper, radio and TV.   Hmmmm! Wonder what would have happened if Carl had made it to that PR spot the week before (he said with a wicked grin).  It was mentioned that our free admission might send the wrong impression of the quality of our show.  It got more than a couple nods of agreement.  As a result, a suggestion was made to charge a dollar admission for next year's show.  A raffle ticket would be given out with each admission.  A departure from the Nativity was also suggested. A tree with Christmas ornaments carved by Club members was suggested as well as a Noah's Ark Project.  None of these items were motioned or voted on at this time.  I think everyone was tired of voting.  Bud Murtlow suggested that, if CBA is next year's Show site, the air quality in the gym would be improved by fans or better air exchange.

Andy Ebli reported there were no occasions to send cards this month (that's cool!).  He also said that paints are on order from Andy Fairchild who has also expressed interest  in meeting with our Club.

Dick Moran outlined the current format of having programs every other month,  alternating with carve-along time between the programs.  The July program will be  deep relief; September program will be painting techniques or a demo by Carl Borst on  carving hands. Mike Bloomquist will demonstrate carving Native American flutes in November. By the way, I heard the groans when that was announced, and I took down names.  There were also some favorable sounds heard and those of you will be justly rewarded… I promise not to actually play the flutes!  Dick also reported that the David Sabol workshop attracted 12 local carvers plus two from out of state.  Someone suggested they came “out of morbid curiosity”... didn't quite catch who that came from.  A $294.00 profit was made on the workshop.  A motion to donate $100.00 to the Inman Center in appreciation for its use was seconded and carried.  Dick says that Gerry Shook donated the following tapes to the Club:  “Decorative Decoys”,  “Teal with Appeal” (I might know now why that was donated), “Waterfall Canvasback”, a Flexcut demo and an Arbortech demo.  Diane Smith also donated a collection of carving topics: spoons, doors, African art and an auction/appraisal, all taped from the Discovery Channel.  A Thank You will be sent to each donor, and this newsletter would like to publicly thank you both as well. 

Our schedule for the remainder of the year:




June 6
“Everyone Carves Something” Night … If you like... Fish, Feathers, Birds & Bolos! (see
previous month's program), otherwise BYOC
July 11
Deep Relief Carvings
Bud Murtlow
Aug 1
“Everyone Carves Something” Night … If you like... Deep Relief, otherwise BYOC. Bonus, a slide show by George Hallenbeck
Aug 8 Club Picnic
Sept 5
Painting Techniques
Mystery Presenter
Oct 3
“Everyone Carves Something” Night… Carving Christmas Ornaments and Decorations with a pattern exchange.
Nov 7
Carving Native American Flutes
Mike Bloomquist
Dec 5
Christmas Party

  Carl Borst clarified details of the GE Quarter Century Club meeting at the  Altamont Fairgrounds.  The Club is invited to demonstrate carving and promote the Club  but may not sell.  A $100.00 donation will be made to the Club for its participation.

Walt LeClair reminded members of the Altamont Fair to be held August 15 to 20.   Sign up will be at the next meeting.

The August picnic was also mentioned.  And the date is… Dang! I forgot it again!  Oh! That's it, 1st Sunday in August ( 8/6/00).

Volunteers signed up to date for the 2001 Show committee are as follows:  Al Doty,  Doris Seeb, Fred Jenzer, George Hallenbeck, Dick Moran, and Ron Myers.  To volunteer for the committee, contact Carl Borst. 

Carl Borst also reminded members that Peter Paces will be in the U.S. for the  Davenport, Iowa Show and will be in our about June 15th.

A carve-along time followed the meeting adjournment.  The theme was based on the decorative carving program the meeting before.  By the way, the  meeting this month is the second Tuesday, and due to a schedule conflict, it will be downstairs at the Inman Center.

Bet you thought I really cheated you with the carving show description.  There was supposed to be two and a half pages of winners by category and place.  Thanks to some extra work by John Raucci, you should have them this time.  You folks reading this on the web have no idea what I'm talking about, do you. 

I would like to build a web page for the show, so if anyone has good photographs they're willing to donate for scanning, see me at the next meeting.  If you need them back, I can make sure that happens too. 

See ya at the meeting (on the 11th).  Try not to give Andy any hearts-and-flowers work. 

Thursday Woodcarving News
By George Hallenbeck

Thursday June 15th   -  23 carvers in attendance

Today is for the “BIRDS”.  That is birds of prey! 

John Page is putting the finishing touches on his Kestral.  A beautiful life size carving wings outstretched with a mouse in his hand, excuse me talon! 

Three places down the table is an eagle with salmon in his claw carved by Ev Botsford.  Another fine carving, also outstretched wings and a great job on the feathers. 

Marcus Kruger in with his miniature branch carvings, a “covey” of roosters, a bouquet of flowers and a “herd” of faces in a small cage.  You have to see them, so difficult to

Peter Paces, a fabulous carve from England is here visiting with Carl & Kay Borst before he goes to Davenport Iowa for the world famous carving show.  He brought his pieces, or entries to display.  I do not see anyone matching his talent.  A monumental piece, The Three Musketeers; Pathos, Athos, D’artignan and Armies was easily recognized.  It should win best of show at Davenport; He is a fine and humorous man
with a world of talent.  He visited with us, laughed and joked and enjoyed himself all afternoon.  We enjoyed his company as well and wish him well at the Davenport show!