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Mama Squirrel

When we moved into our present home we inherited a very tame squirrel who inhabited our back yard.  She would bravely come on the porch to retreive peanuts and walnuts before we even had a chance to retreated behind the door.  One day a walnut bounced off the door frame and rolled into the kitchen. Despite my two young daughter squealing excitedly, the squirrel, whom Yvonne named "Mama", calmly walked into the kitchen, retrieved her nut, and calmly walked out.  One day Yvonne witnessed Mama carry one of her litter across the backyard and wished for me and my camera to be there.  It had been years since we had last seen her, but while taking a class with Desiree Hajne, I came across a picture in Desiree's source photos of a mother squirrel carrying her young.  Desiree's roughout for the class had plenty of wood for the modification, so....