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Gallery 1

This is a thumbnail gallery. For the high resolution picture and more information, click on the thumbnail.

Refsal Troll thumbnail Mama Squirrel Thumbnail
Sean's Wolf thumbnail
Refsal Troll
Mama Squirrel

Tomte Thumbnail Faery TN
deer thumbnail Refsal Carvings Thumbnail
1st Tomte
Faery II
White tail
Refsal Santa
& Horse

Green Dragon
Blue dragon thumbnail
dragon plaque thumbnail
Dragon #1
Dragon #2
Dragon Plaque

x-country santa
Red Santa Thumbnail
Snowy Owl Thumbnail
cypress knee Santa thumbnail
X-Country Santa 2000
(warning: this is a long load)
X-Country Santa 1998
Santa w/Owl
1st Cypress
Knee Santa

Brown trout Thumbnail hippy thumbnail thumbnail for Jeff Phares Class
ADK hermit TN Gun Box Thumbnail
Brown Trout
Hippy & Sign
Jeff Phares


Gun Box

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